What is SaroCat®?

SaroCat® is a revolutionary self-cleaning toilet for cats kept indoors. The box is equipped with a pad made of pleasant synthetic grass, which is controlled electronically so that it remains clean and odour-free.

Complete hygiene

The self-cleaning toilet for your cat is clearly a dream come true! Solve several problems, such as unpleasant smell and occurrence of allergens, at once. When using the SaroCat® box, you will not even affect the environment. A bonus point for you!

Double comfort

Your cat and advanced technology? Definitely! SaroCat® perfectly simulates a natural surface, so your cat will gain maximum comfort. And you? You will profit as well! No exhausting cleaning any more, no litter.

Perfect care

Get rid of useless stress! "Automate" the care of your cat and use SaroCat®. Fifteen years of development and use of the latest technology in the field will ensure safety and security of your cat! Operation is easier than you might think!

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Frequently asked questions

How often does SaroCat® need to be handled to ensure smooth operation?

SaroCat® does not have to be connected to any water supply or sewer. SaroCat® is equipped with a water container which has to be filled with water every 7 days, and the containers for urine and solid waste have to be cleaned manually at the same time.

How does the cat satisfy its natural need for digging?

The cat may dig in the pad without any problem. The pad is developed in a special way to create a feeling simulating real grass. When touching or digging the pad, the cats feel as if they are in real grass.

Does SaroCat® solve the problem of the odour of cat's faeces?

Yes, it does. Both solid and liquid faeces are closed in separate waste containers and no odd smells are released into the air.

What are the SaroCat® specifications?

It is 43cm wide, 70cm long and 30cm high. It is supplied from the electric network to 12 Volts.

Is it possible to use litter while using SaroCat®?

No, it is not, only if the toilet is offline, so only for a temporary period and/or while the cat is suffering from diarrhoea. In such cases SaroCat® should always be switched off.

Is it possible to inspect SaroCat® somewhere?

Yes, it is possible at SaroCat Points.

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