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Put an end to the annoying smell of cats
*SaroCat royal*

You can lug cat litter, but with SaroCat royal you don’t have to.
It is the first environmentally friendly litter box! Works with and without litter.

The self-cleaning SaroCat

What is SaroCat®?

SaroCat brings a revolution in cat hygiene, scratching without litter. Scraping on the Grass Mat means constant cleanliness for the cat. Other components ensure automatic maintenance so that the cat toilet always remains clean and odorless.

Perfect hygiene

SaroCat provides you and your pampered house cat with the best hygiene. Get rid of most problems at once! No more uncomfortable smells and allergens in the home. And by using it, your environment is not polluted.

Twice the Comfort

Modern technology and your cat? Absolutely! The grass pad simulates a soft surface for scratching and ensures cleanliness. With SaroCat you no longer have to absorb litter in your home.


SaroCat allows you to not only pamper your fastidious cat 15 years of research and development and the use of the most modern technologies carries not only the comfort to your home, but also the certainty that it works. It is easier to use than you might think.

Functionality of the SaroCat royal?

The soft surface of the grass pad on the inside gives your house cat the feeling of short-cut natural grass. Because it’s always clean, it provides the best conditions for your cat. When getting into the cat toilet, your cat is identified by the sensors. After exiting, the cleaning process starts automatically – the feces on top of the grass pad are discarded in the waste container by a rake. The container lid only opens shortly before discarding and seals shut immediately thereafter. Upon retracting, the grass pad is cleaned by a nozzle integrated in the rake. The wastewater flows into an easy-to-empty tank.

SaroCat Product description

SaroCat royal is the only automatic litter box in the world that allows them to also use the litter your pet is used to. To do that, remove the grass pad and now it operates without cleaning through the nozzles.

Together with an internationally renowned designer, we decided to develop the new cat toilet over the past years.

SaroCat royal – out of love for your cat and the environment! 


When will the products be delivered?
Within 7-10 days (due to high demand and current world situation, there may be delays).

How often do I have to refill and clean the water tank?
There is room for 5 liters of water in the water tank. That is enough for about 1 week for one cat. The waste containers are so designed that they can absorb feces up to 7 days.

How can my cat satisfy its natural instinct to scratch?
Your cat can easily scratch the pad because the pad replicates short-cut golf course turf.

Will the cat toilet resolve odor problems?
Yes, urine and feces are kept separate and sealed. Thus, there are no more odor problems like with conventional cat boxes.

What are the dimensions of the product?
45 cm wide, 75 cm long, 30 cm tall. The grass pad measures approx. 30 x 40 cm.

Can the cat toilet also be used with cat litter?
Yes, we offer this solution. However, only without using the nozzles. We recommend using fine-grain silicate.

How many volts does the product require for operation?
The power supply provides 12 volts from the plug for operating the cat toilet.

Is this product suitable for all housecats?
Yes, it was designed extra-large so that even large housecats are comfortable. However, we would like to note that older cats may require a little bit more time to familiarize themselves.

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