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About Saro Cat AG

What does SaroCat mean?

Sanitary robot for Cats = SaroCat

My vocation was 40 years own studio of architecture and design and together with my wife for many years cat lover. We have always been annoyed by the problems associated with the inevitable cat litter.

Robert Schönholzer, CEO
Robert Schönholzer, CEO
Romy Schönholzer, CFO
Romy Schönholzer, CFO

Even the regular purchase of sand or silicate is exhausting and annoying. In addition, there is the disposal of the soiled litter. Above all, we were annoyed by the contamination of the apartment by entrained sand or silicate grains. Last but not least, we also feared the health risk from soiled cat litter when small children visited us.

From this experience developed the idea: a clean and hygienic solution for a litter box would be a great advance.

My decision in 2001 to develop a solution on my own was easy at first. The need was huge. Together with my long-time friend H. Rebstock, an entrepreneur in China, we developed the SaroCat 1. H. Rebstock supported Saro Cat AG financially during the entire development and thus ensured the progress together with me.

But as we all know, the devil is in the details. It took a whole 5 years until the first prototypes were ready for patent application. 4 years later, after many improvements in detail, the first series was produced. Patents were granted for all leading countries.

In the years since 2010, we have conducted many long-term tests to find out how animals react to our automatic litter box.

Meanwhile, we can say: cats love our automatic litter box.

Now a few years have passed, the SaroCat 1 was sold out in the meantime, also there were some new innovations, so we developed the SaroCat royal together with an internationally renowned designer.

Due to the worldwide pandemic, the SaroCat royal comes a little late to the market, but we are sure your cat will be satisfied with the new SaroCat royal and you can be proud to have improved the environment a little.

Your Robert Schönholzer