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Robert Schönholzer

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Helmut Rebstock

Executive Vice Chairman

What does SAROCAT stand for

SAnitary RObot for CATs = SAROCAT

My calling over the span of 40 years was my own architecture and design studio. Throughout that time, my wife and I have also been avid cat lovers. We were constantly annoyed with the problems associated with the inevitable cat litter. Even just routinely buying sand or silicate is exhausting and irritating. On top of that, you have to dispose of the soiled litter. We were particularly bothered by the mess at home caused by grains of sand or silicate getting dragged around. And not least, we were fearful of the health risk due to soiled cat litter when small kids were over to visit.

The experience gave rise to the idea – a clean and hygienic solution for a cat toilet would be major progress.

My decision in 2001 to develop a solution on my own did not seem a hard one at first. The demand is huge. Together with my longtime friend, H. Rebstock, an entrepreneur in China, we developed SAROCAT 1. Throughout the entire development of the company, SAROCAT AG, H. Rebstock provided financial backing and thus, along with me, ensured our progress.

But, as we know, the devil is in the details. It took a whole 5 years until the first prototypes were ready for a patent application. 4 years later, the first series was manufactured following many detail enhancements. Patents were issued for all major countries.

Over the years from 2010, we found out how the animals react to our automatic cat toilet through numerous long-term tests.

Since then, we can claim – cats love our automatic cat toilet.

A few years have now passed and the SAROCAT 1 was sold out in the meantime, but there have also been some innovations, so that we developed the new SAROCAT royal together with design by Porsche.

As a result of the global pandemic, the SAROCAT royal will be introduced to the market somewhat later, but we’re sure that your cat will be happy with the new SAROCAT royal and you can be proud of having improved the environment a bit.

Your Robert Schönholzer