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Frequently Asked Questions

When are the products delivered?

In the week of April 24 – May 2, 2023, we were able to successfully deliver the SaroCat royal – and were also directly sold out within a week. However, we were able to ramp up production within a very short time, so that we can deliver again as of now. From receipt of payment you will receive your order within 10 days (due to high demand there may be delays).

How often do I need to refill and clean the water tank?

In the water tank is space for 5 liters of water. This is enough for one cat for about 1 week. The waste containers are designed to hold up to 7 days of feces.

How can the cat satisfy your natural instinct regarding pawing?

The cat can scratch on the mat without any problems, because the mat imitates a short-cut golf lawn.

Is this litter box solved the odor problem?

Yes, urine and feces are stored separately and closed. This eliminates odor problems as with conventional cat boxes!c

What are the dimensions of the product?

45 cm wide, 75 cm long, 30 cm high. The lawn mat measures approximately 30 x 40cm.

Can the cat toilet also be operated with cat litter?

Yes, we offer this solution. However, only without using the nozzles. We recommend using fine-grained silicate.

How many volts are needed for operation?

The power supply unit provides 12 volts for operation from the wall socket.

Is the modern litter box suitable for all domestic cats?

Yes, it was designed extra larger, so that even the big house cats feel comfortable. However, we point out that older cats need a little longer to get used to.

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