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SaroCat royal

 895.00 inkl. MwSt./incl. VAT

After being sold-out, the relaunch is here!

Complete package incl. all accessoires. The price includes VAT, delivery and custom duties.

The automatic cat toilet without litter!
Sarocat royal is unique in the world to this day. It is ecological and economical and protects your environment.
All necessary parts are included in the scope of delivery. You do not need any spare parts.

With its product SaroCat royal, SaroCat AG brings a revolution in cat hygiene, scratching without litter. Scraping on the Grass Mat means constant cleanliness for the cat. Other components ensure automatic maintenance so that the SaroCat royal always remains clean and odourless.

This is also easy on your wallet: you don’t need to buy cat litter.

Important Information:

In the week of April 24 – May 2, 2023, we were able to successfully deliver the SaroCat royal – and were also directly sold out within a week. However, we were able to ramp up production within a very short time, so that we can deliver again as of now. From receipt of payment you will receive your order within 10 days (due to high demand there may be delays).

You can already look forward to a wonderful product.

SaroCat royal – for the sake of your pet and the environment!

Your happy darling.
Your happy darling.


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