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SaroCat royal


The automatic litter box without litter!

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SaroCat brings a revolution in cat hygiene, scratching without litter. Scraping on the Grass Mat means constant cleanliness for the cat. Other components ensure automatic maintenance so that the SaroCat always remains clean and odourless.

This is also easy on your wallet: you don’t need to buy cat litter.

Due to the huge demand, the SaroCat Version 1.0 has been sold out for a long time. Together with one of the world’s best car designers we decided to develop the SaroCat royal. As a result of the worldwide pandemic, the SaroCat royal will be launched somewhat later.

We ask you for a little patience, the SaroCat royal is expected to be delivered end of April and we are convinced to deliver a unique product to you with the SaroCat royal.

You can already look forward to a wonderful product.

SaroCat royal – out of lovefor your cat and the environment!