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What our happy customers say

Lukretia Giger from Sedrun

We have 6 house cats and I know the inventor of the SaroCat personally. I was already allowed to test the first prototypes. With 2 SaroCat I save an enormous amount of cat litter. I would also like to mention that the service is excellent.

K. Hochstrasser from Chattilion

We had at the beginning of 2 weeks to get used to our cat has accepted the litter box with the lawn mat. We are happy because finally the litter is no longer lying around the house.

Thomas Waser from Zurich

Both our cats have accepted the SaroCat, one immediately with the older one it took a little longer.Wir hatten einmal Probleme mit dem Gerät, es wurde aber problemlos ausgetauscht. Danke für den guten Service.

W. Strauch from Wollerau

Good acceptance by our cat. But it would be nice if the lawn mat was a little bigger, because we have a very large house cat.

A. Staudacher from Munich

Finally I have found a litter box that works without the annoying litter. Our cat also finds it super.

Frau A. Spät from Lucerne

We are very satisfied with the device, our luxury cat does not want to give it away. Very good advice, unfortunately no longer taken for granted today.

A. Heusser from Frankfurt

My two Siamese had a little trouble with it at the beginning. But we took the time, now they go on the lawn mat. Good advice and also the service super. Save an enormous amount of litter through the device.

S. Weber from Cologne

We have now 4 years 2 SaroCat, one unfortunately went out after 2 years. But we got a replacement although the warranty time had expired. There is to be after information by the inventor in the near future a new device, which will have a slightly larger serging surface. Will certainly order 2 of them.

Your feedback…

We would love to hear about your experience with the SaroCat royal. Feel free to contact us with your feedback and we would be happy to publish it here.