Satisfied customers report about SaroCat

Lukretia Giger from Sedrun

We have 6 housecats and I know the inventor of the Sarocat personally. I had the privilege of testing the very first prototypes.

2 SaroCats allow me to save a lot of litter. I would also like to mention that their service is excellent.

K.Hochstrasser from Chattilion

Initially it took our tomcat 2 weeks of familiarization until he accepted the cat toilet with the grass pad.

We are so happy because litter is finally no longer scattered throughout the house.

Thomas Waser from Zürich

Both of our cats took to the Sarocat – one immediately and the other older cat needed a bit more time.

We once had some problems with the unit, but they replaced it with no issue. Thank you for your fantastic service.

W.Strauch from Wollerau

Our cat accepted it well; however, it would be nice if the grass pad was somewhat bigger because we have a very large housecat.

A.Staudacher from Munich

I finally found a cat toilet that actually works without that annoying litter. Our cat likes it a lot as well.

A.Heusser from Frankfurt

Both of my Siamese cats initially had some problems with the unit. But we took our time and now they go on the grass pad. Excellent advice and their service is great as well. The unit saves me an enormous amount of litter.

Ms. A.Spät from Lucerne

We love our unit – and our luxury cat no longer wants to give it up. They provided me with very good advice…something that unfortunately is no longer a matter of course today.

S.Weber from Cologne

We have had 2 Sarocats for 4 years now. Unfortunately, one gave up after 2 years, but we received a replacement even though the warranty period had expired. According to information from the inventor, a new unit is supposed to be developed in the near future and it is expected to have a slightly larger cleaning area. We will be ordering 2 of them for sure.